Are You awake, Jesus Christ or just in another slumber? ‘Baby, you can use the bathroom. The bed needs some rest, for a while! – cumb free dumb chump – 1/01/2016

there is no greater Sun than Jesus Christ!

going to where you find all of us

flash he is gone – plobl cd667787 brings him

back as a full skilled biotonically scarved baby

in joyful peace te regain a quiet life on earth


another look is Your book te see all is perfect!


our happiness can only be understood through

Jesus Christ


Nederlandse taal :

het werkwoord (the verb)

‘jannen’ (infinitive) :

hard werken  (working hard)

voor Jezus Christus

(for Jesus Christ)

ik jan                      je, jij jant    hij/zij jant

jullie  jannen      zij jannen    wij jannen

only fully in His name,

‘jannen’ is great fun!



 as we rest in Jesus Christ,

 the rest does not matter




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